Art – American Diners

I love a diner.  So what if the food isn’t normally something to write home about; all diners seem to have that Rockwell-esque quality that gives me a feeling of “home.”  Home is a concept I struggle with.  I never have one long enough to ever feel homesick.  I don’t have an allegiance to any one area in the U.S. and I hate being asked the question, “where are you from?”  Overseas, many times just saying “America” is sufficient, but not always.  I never, ever say I’m Canadian, though.  I have traveled to many places that are known for their anti-Americanism, and I still always say “America”.  How else will we change their perceptions of us, if we don’t tell them who we really are?  At any rate…getting back to the original purpose of this post, I love diners!  This one was photographed in my mother’s family’s hometown of Canaan, Connecticut.



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